The Museum of Analogue Reality: a futuristic holodeck experience@WORM Rotterdam (April 22th – May 22th 2016). BABEL//APPocalypse was the second production of our BABELproject and the prequel of BABEL:UTOPIA.

The museum of analogue reality opened its digital doors in the year 2070 and disappeared in 2095 due to technical and/or ethical difficulties. In 2095, MOAR showed the work of MACABRE & STUDIODENNISVANDERBROECK.

During an digital exhibition called BABEL: APPocalypse, where they turned the 21st century into art, the artists were able to show how living in a digital world replaced analogue living. This is your last and only chance to visit the holographic exhibition that blew our minds as well as the internet.

Take a look at the remains at