But I Have Feelings Too You Know is an ongoing research-performance about how people consume and experience art. What if we take this mental and emotional process that happens in the mind and heart of the audience, and translate it into a physical expression of a human body? During performative interventions in places such as museums, galleries and exhibitions, we unravel social en cultural structures, expressing the unconsiousness patterns of beholding art in the physical form of butoh. No performance is constructed or rehearsed beforehand, the performer resonates with location, art and audience translating it into movement. Every performance is an investigative artwork in itself.

Butoh performance performed in april & may 2018.
Performed @ Motel Mozaique | Festival Route du Nord | Roodkapje Rotterdam | Burgertrut | Groot Handelsgebouw
Performance by Milou Brockhus
Guest performances by Nadîja Roza Broekhart | Lucien Rentmeester | Teun Wolters